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Glad to see you!

Let  us outfit you with:

           Hat solutions for upcoming Red Hat Society occasions!

                                     New, unique end of Hat storage problems!

                                                  Understated Red Hat presence!

                                                                More Red, Pink, Purple variety at never seen prices!


When  I became a Red Hatter, I discovered that hats were sometimes heavy and hot!  I was soooo happy to find very light-weight, breathable HAT BODIES!   Click on our HAT BODIES  and look them over.


Years ago ladies often redecorated their hats. I enjoy hattin' but like to wear different hats.  I have neither the $$ or space to collect lots of hats.  I believe God led me to the solution!  Hat Garters!  at Red Hats And, I attempt to help YOU  have many hats and save $$  and space by making original, hand-crafted hat garters (hat bands) that you can change on YOUR  hats.  Let me help you look sassy, wild, crazy, sweet, stylish, or elegant!  It's your call!  Use a hat body,  THEN  redecorate it with a new Hat Garter!  Just click on our Hat Garters for lots of options!   Everyone will think you have a NEW hat!   Saves $$   Saves  Space! 

Hat-HEAD Bands

Many ladies have found that they prefer something very light on their heads.  A Hat-HEAD Band fills this need!   Worn either as a head band or as a tiera it's very light weight.  We live in a real hot climate and in the summer we especially like to wear head bands as our choice of hats.  Even if these aren't your normal preference, as the hot weather escalates, you'll enjoy these one-of-a-kind Hat-HEAD Bands.  Just click Hat-Head Bands to see all the choices we offer you.


The "AND..." refers to other items you might enjoy.   Need something for a sister chapterette?  Have a birthday you need a gift for ?   What about that door prize?  How about Christmas?  Click here to take a peek at what we have in AND... GIFTS!

AND...Grandma's Corner

for the Princess-in-waiting.  Click here to come to Grandma's Corner and see what Grandma has made.

AND...The Triple Play!

WHAT is it?  It's decor you can use more than 1 way.  What a way to save $$!  Let alone space!!   A stylish, elegant HAT!   A daring FASCINATOR!   A gorgeous CORSAGE!   WOW!!!   Click here and you'll see   THE TRIPLE PLAY !

AND... Scrapbookin' for Red Hat Ladies

For all our ladies who wish to preserve their memories in a safe and attractive manner, we are including this product division.  This will help the lady who is already a Scrapper.  It will also make it easy to save your memories even if you have never scrapbooked in your life!  When you click here, you'll be able to see the scrapbooks  we have decorated for you as well as the things we have made for you comfirmed scrappers.

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For your protection,  I want you to know  that like  their owners, Ms. Mitten-Kitten ( resident Queen Cat), MyDaisy-Dog (resident Queen Dog), Mama's Boy ( the untrained 8 week old Mother's Day gift-that arrived wearing a RED HAT), and baby Money ( Daddy's Teacup??? -new little Chi)  do NOT smoke!

Although we actively enjoy the sisterhood and are Supporting Members, RED HATS AND is NOT an official Red Hat Society store.